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Lessons with FDA


Here at Freemans Driving Academy we can tailor lessons to suit individual pupils.  Whether you are looking for one or two hourlessons,s or an intensive course.  All our vehicles are fitted with dual controls to give you complete confidence and assurance when learning with us. We also pick you up from your home or place of work and can often get you from A to B whilst learning to drive.


Before booking a lesson


Before you can learn to drive, there area  few prerequisites which must be fulfilled. Firstand for most,t you must have a provisional driving licence. You may apply for your provisional driving licence 2 months before your 17th Birthday. You must not drive on the road until you have the licence in yourpossession,n and you must wait until your 17th birthday before hitting the road.


To apply for your licence you need to meet the following requirements:


To be 16 yrs  and 10 months of age

To hold an acceptable form of identification

To hold a valid UK Passport or a passport sized photo countersigned by an approved person

To complete a D1 (formerly D750) application form

The required fee


Send your completed D1 application form, with the current fee and your passport or signed photograph to:




SA99 1AD.


Your licence will usually take up to 15 working days to arrive, if it doesn't you can telephone the DVLA on 0870 240 0009


When you receive your licence make sure you check all your details to make sure they are correct. Your provisional licence entitles you to drive a car but you must have L plates clearly displayed, appropriate insurance cover and be supervised at all times by a full UK licence holder that has held a full UK licence for 3 years and is a minimum age of 21


In addition to a valid provisional driving licence, you must not have any any medical condition which may inhibit your ability to drive. This includes conditions such as epilepsy, strokes, other neurological and mental health conditions, or physical disabilities and visual impairments that could affect your ability to drive safely. Any 'notifiable' medical condition should be declared to the DVLA, even if the medical condition has developed since you applied for your liscence. For more information on being medically fit to drive. Please visit the DVLA website.


Lastly you must take lessons with an open mind and positive attitude, this is key to passing your test. Even if you already know how to drive, your instructor will be teaching you not only how to drive safely, but also how to pass your driving test.


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